Meet Amy and Chaney

When we met as working moms in the corporate retail industry 10 years ago we instantly became best friends. With degrees in Apparel Design and Graphic Design, we both had a love for fashion and the fast-paced retail industry. By coincidence, six yeas later we both ended up in the corporate candle industry. As much as we loved candles, we were not in love anymore with the corporate environment. With all the stresses of life we both turned to CBD oil for a natural calming effect.

Even as we pursued similar but separate careers, we always stayed close and felt called back to a simple southern life.  One sunny afternoon in Charleston, while discussing our dreams over drinks, we both decided to combine our love of CBD and candles... and Candlebis Candle Co was born! 

Our love for our candles burns with us through our day, so we could focus on what matters...  hard work, family, and friends. We both believe that everything happens for a reason and this is our reason for starting our new adventure.